I am committed to offering you a unique experience of holistic nutrition therapy tailored to your individual needs. While I’m a traditionally trained dietitian taught to calculate how many calories and grams of fat you need in a day, I have learned through extensive experience that telling people when and how much to eat is the best way to make them lose touch with their body’s cues. So, instead of giving you a meal plan, I want to guide you through a journey of mindful listening. I want to help you rediscover optimum health with whole foods our bodies were designed to eat. Your mind may not recognize these foods immediately, but I promise it will catch up to your body’s phenomenal transformation. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this may not be the right place for you, but if you’re ready to learn and decode your body’s signals to achieve optimum healing, stick around.

There is some wonderful information on this website to help you get started. You can click on the tabs to learn more about my background and services I offer. Be sure to follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram  to stay up-to-date on articles and recipes I share on a regular basis.

What I Do…

It’s important to know what a dietitian’s role is in your path to healing. First off, it’s NOT my job to be the food police. Second, I will NOT tell you what and how much to eat. That’s just not how I work and this is exactly why 95% of diets fail. It’s unrealistic to expect you to immediately get rid of your life-long dietary habits and eat what I think is best for you, because quite frankly, only YOU know what your body needs. What I CAN do is use my training to help you start listening to what it’s saying. And sometimes we become so used to feeling sick, that we don’t know how bad we were feeling until it’s gone. I can also help you figure out how your eating habits developed and why you make your current dietary choices. Knowing WHY will enable you to decide which habits need to be modified based on the goals that brought you to me in the first place.

I believe the relationship we have with our food is intimate, complex, and what we decide to put in our body involves so much more than knowing what is healthy. If you haven’t realized where I’m going with this yet, know that there is no ONE right way to eat. With that said, I will NEVER ask you to remove any food from your diet (with the only exception being if it’s a food making you sick). In the end, my ultimate goal is channel the inner dietitian in YOU to tell us what your body needs for optimum health and well-being. Are you ready to get started?